Absolut boosts profits at Pernod 瑞典伏特加使Pernod获利
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Drinks maker1 Pernod Ricard has seen a 12.5% rise in annual profits, largely thanks to its acquisition of Vin & Spirit, the maker of Absolut vodka.

饮料生产商Pernod Ricard年度获利12.5%,得益于并购瑞典伏特加生产商Vin & Spirit。

Absolut is the world
Absolut is the world's fourth-largest selling spirit

Net profits came in at 945m euros ($1.35bn; £829m), compared with 840m euros a year ago.

Sales increased by 9% to 7.2bn euros, boosted by the integration2(整合,集成) of Vin & Spirit which it bought in July 2008.

Pernod has been seeking to reduce its debt in recent months. In April it launched a 1.04bn euros rights issue.

The move was part of a capital raising strategy aimed at cutting its net debt, which stands at more than 12bn euros.

"Despite a particularly difficult environment, the group achieved a very satisfactory performance in the year just ended," said chief executive Pierre Pringuet.

"We start 2009/10 with confidence and determination: our priorities are clear, continue to reduce debt and strengthen investments behind our strategic brands."


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