Today is a New Day 今天是新的一天
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      TODAY IS A NEW DAY   Donna Levine      Your tomorrows are as bright  as you want to make them.  There is no reason to carry  the darkness of the past  with you into today.  Today is a wonderful new experience,  full of every possibility to make  your life exactly what you want it to be.  Today is the beginning of new happiness,  new directions and new relationships.  Today is the day to remind yourself  that you posses the power  and strength you need  to bring contentment, love and joy into your life.  Today is the day to understand yourself  and to give yourself the love  and the patience that you need.  Today is the day to move forward  towards your bright tomorrow.     今天是新的一天    唐那·莱文    你的明天充满阳光,  如你心中所想?! ∧忝挥欣碛?,  把昨天的黑暗,  带到今天?! 〗裉焓敲烂畹娜绿逖?,  有那么多种可能,  使你的生活如你所愿?! 〗裉炜加行碌男腋?,  新的方向和新的伙伴?! 〗裉炷阋嵝炎约?,  你有足够的能力和力量,  把满意、爱情和欢乐带进你的生活?! 〗裉炷阋私庾约?,  给自己足够的爱心和耐心?! 〗裉炷慊嵊峦鼻?,  奔向那灿烂的明天。

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